Kristoffer Vestergaard

FullStack Developer


Backend PHP developer focusing on creating scalable, performant and usable web experiences tailored to what you need.

My Work


Gamification Platform - Visit Website

Scratcher is a system used for gathering leads and activating your customers using gamification.

The system is based around a business creating a "campaign" that is based of one of several game types.

The customers then visit the page, participate by entering their information and then getting a chance to win a prize.


Custom platform - Visit Website

Boligadmin is a system for helping landlords handling their tenants.

The system also has both a iOS and Android App that allows you to easily access and use the system on your mobile phone.



Mac window controls for Hyper - Github

This is a plugin for Hyper that changes the default window controls to Mac look-alike buttons.

I created this because I like the look of the buttons and because I also use a theme for Ubuntu that causes window controls to look like OSX.


Google maps addon for Statamic - Github

This addon allows you to easily integrate Google Maps into your statamic project.

It was mainly created because I wanted to tinker around with the statamic addon system and as a result, I created a Google Map plugin.

Epay PHP Libary

PHP libary - Github

A PHP libary for ePay that I built because I needed some wrappers around their default API.

This tries to mimic the Stripe API to the best of its capabilities but I can only do so much to help ease the pain of working with the ePay API.


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